at St. Luke’s in Kentish Town we met a ‘fellow’ Bronxite

9 Jun



a temple column top

28 May

a temple Coloumn top

This is the top section of a column that supported the Temple during Jesus’ time on earth. It is in the courtyard of what we call today the Wailing Wall. Jesus had to pass these columns on His way to His trial and the cross.


these are Olive trees, small ones, he prayed by ones their size

22 May

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small doorways to enter the church of the holy sepulchre, jerusalem: isreal photo/image 12

21 May

small doorways to enter the church of the holy sepulchre, jerusalem: isreal photo/image 12

This mural in the church of the holy sepulchre paints a very idealize picture of Christ’s death and resurrection. Colours are bright; the mural large in story; His body in good stead after the crucifixion; many hands to help. An idealize of death. The church is built around the tomb hewn in a cave outside the city. At least four Christian groups have ‘churches’ in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. When they clean, armed guards oversee the cleaning as if one group cleans the space of another christian group, the ‘cleaners’ can put a claim in for space cleaned.

The doorways to enter the church are about 4 feet high. Small doorways. Why? The Crusaders built the doorways small so that if and when attacked in the Holy City horses of the attackers could not enter the church’s entrance square or the church itself. The hand to hand fighting between the crusaders and the turks must have been horrific in such tight, close quarters. Like a grave, as a tomb, while standing.


the Via Dolorosa

20 May

the Via Dolorosa

the streets are narrow; narrow and cobble stoned. Narrowed and made smaller with shops on each side, food stalls, scarfs, people. They ay made richer, though small, by the drops of His weat, drops of His blood. A thousand years later theses same streets flowed with the blood of the slaughtered during the crusades. Down these small, signifcant angled hills.


1. The Beginning…Christ’s path to the cross in old Jerusalem

19 May

1. The Beginning...Christ's path to the cross in old Jerusalem

Monday 19 May begins a week of image postings of Jesus’ journey for us to his death. This passageway leads in the old city to the outside -the place beyond the city gates. It leads to the Via Dolorosa-the path He carried the cross; fell and carried on.


Israel photo, image 9

16 May

Israel photo, image 9

an elephant’s relative, Hyraxs, found in a park in Israel


Israel photo, images 8a and 8b-the Scot’s Hotel

15 May

Israel phot images 8a and 8b-the Scot's Hotel

lovely spot; lovely hotel; Nice to be in the UK again in Israel, at least till September


The Scot’s Hotel faces the Sea of Galilee-

15 May

The Scot's Hotel faces the Sea of Galilee-

Why does the Church of Scotland own and operate a Hotel on the Sea of Galilee?
See the link below-


Israel photo/image 6, the model of Jerusalem

14 May

Israel photo/image 6, the model of Jerusalem

This is a photo of a model of Jerusalem city, the Second Temple period from the Israel Museum. It is to 1:50 scale and is outside the Museum. This video gives some more pictures.