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home in the UK,; born in brooklyn, usa

9 Jan

What is home? Well, Priscilla and I have been living in London for a little over a year. From 22 Dececember till yesterday, 8 January, we were in the US, visiting family and friends in NYC and Florida. Our time away from London, in NYC and then to Tampa, can be summed up in one word; a question and an adventure.

First, the question: Deardra, our Tampa daughter asked Priscilla (Not me) ‘Mom, if you could live anywhere, what would you choose? NYC, Florida, London? Where?’

Priscilla, sidetapped this question and did not give a resonse till pressed. Then she said, ‘Wherever God wants me.’ Deardra expected this response; but it was very unsatisfying. Now, Priscilla was sick and on NYC meds. But she wasn’t getting better. Time came to fly back to London. Now to the adventure.

Our adventure begins in Tampa. Due to the massive Midwest ice and snow storm our flight out of Tampa was delayed.The plane hadn’t arrived; it was stuck. We had to go to Chicago. Go into the heart of a blizzard? Sub zero weather? Why?
Because, as our agent in Tampa assured us, Chicago would have tons of people missing flights. We could get there and grab two seats to London. And they would confirm two seats for us on British Air. Go, said the agent. Yes, said Priscilla ‘Yes. Go.’ Why? She wanted to get back to London and she her doctor here. Here. She had lost confidence in US General Practioners. So off to the frozen tundra of Chicago. Off we went. It was a wrong choice. What happenned? We land in Chicago; and we did not have a confirmed flight. Why? Because Everyone was being advised to do what we did by other agents around the USA. Go to Chicago. Thus, multiple bookings were being given by different agents for the same seats all over the USA. We were now stranded in Chicago. But…
But, through ‘chance’ I spoke to an American Airlines agent, Sharon, and she got us two seats out of Chicago on American Airlines. Business class. Together. And no extra £££.

In closing, a word: home.
home (small-‘s’-) home has to be flexible, small, mutable, small, easy to carry with you. home is the people you are with; friends, new and old, who love you for a fresh moment or for happy, joyful years. home is people. mine and ours. peeps.
London is Priscilla’s home now; this is the place, the doctors she trusts. It is her destination. Where she wanted to end up in. My home?

With her. She is my ‘home.’