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16 Jul

teaching points,

20 He sendeth His word and healeth them, And delivereth from their destructions. Psalm 107:20

In May 2009 I was interviewed by ‘Christianity Today’ magazine’s Tim Stafford ( https://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2009/june/15.20.html?share=) on the work and ministry of Dr Tim Keller.

Covering and answering a range of topics, I had one essential point: Tim Keller was and is a healing pastor. And his teaching of God’s word was, and is, Tim’s healing gift.

God sent Tim the gift of teaching so we would be ‘delivered this from destruction.’

Today is the first of 20 teaching points I have gleaned in over twenty years of healings from the succinct, concise images of Tim’s teachings.

Connections and content; memories and conversations, all blogs that follow have their genesis, their radix come from sitting with, listening and speaking, with Tim.

Read, meditate; pray and heal through the word.