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so, I could not

23 Jun

speak at Harry Jones MBC NYCanointing as pastor; I was to be away with family, but yet, I sent this to him today..

Friends, family, brothers and sisters in Christ – All – Greetings this

Blessed day; a day of a new beginnings. For Manhattan Bible Church a home grown, a loved leader has been called to pastor this church. Harry Jones today is called by your, by my by all’s Master Shepherd. He is called by you; by his family and by his heart. He is called first, by his heart that has always been centred on Jesus. And, Yet, yet… he is yours and you are his by these heart callings. Harry Jones has especially been called by Jesus to shepherd here, here, at Manhattan Bible Church.

Harry’s qualifications and gifting to shepherd are numerous, and the closing of Psalm 78: verses 70 -72, a Maskil of Asaph describes the essential gifting of a shepherd,


He chose David his servant

    and took him from the sheepfolds;


from following the nursing ewes he brought him

    to shepherd Jacob his people,

    Israel his inheritance.


With upright heart he shepherded them

    and guided them with his skilful hand.

As David, Harry Jones has performed the primary role of a shepherd, he was among the sheep. Harry has been alongside you all in the sheepfold. You know him: he knows you.

Second, next, Harry has been brought to this pastoring by Jesus. You are God’s people, his ewes, his inheritance . ( Think of this for a moment: we are God’s inheritance. Wow. ) And He has entrusted you to Harry. So … why?

Because of these next two qualities, these next two giftings:

Harry has a pure, an upright heart. A heart of integrity. This is how Harry sees and feels

He has a put, a loving heart. Harry feels for you, for me, for all. With humble empathy he loves. His love for Joveda, his four daughters, for the hurting and the joyful mirrors David’s shepherd’s heart. His work as an Elder, as a Bible teacher, as a youth leader illustrates his familia love.

Finally, Harry Jones has a ‘skillful hand.’ His two hands act as one: he holds; feels; clings and loves. Harry shows this quality by his love for teaching, holding and loving God’s word. His has put himself through seminary, has sat with elders and is sitting listening to the word.

Harry will not let go. He will not let go of the word or his church; his family or his friends; the saved and the hurting unsaved. Harry Jones is His shepherd for his inheritance, MBC. They will hold you, love and shepherd you. Harry and Jesus will hold.

He loves you. Pastor Harry has a love that will hold.

Bless the Lord.