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blowing bubbles

28 Aug

bubbles, blowing bubbles

My grandkids and my child age children, love, loved bubbles, Priscilla even went on line and bought a ‘wand’, a large circle bubble wand, to do events at a sleep away Camp we ran for years; we blew bubbles for Easter egg hunts; she did it at times just for herself. I mean, the child, the joyful innocent in all of us love blowing bubbles. Don’t we?

Two days ago, beginning with the basketball team, the Milwaukee Bucks, the NBA players stopped blowing bubbles. They stopped playing. I believe they were willing to forfeit a playoff game. They believe that their actions within a bubble was not and is no longer a child’s game. They believed that their actions, their stoppage, their step as a community into the silent horror of another shooting had meaning. So they stopped blowing bubbles.

Whether their collective time within the NBA bubble with like preforming players from other teams engender deep conversations, or they as individuals they just had enough and were tired, they stopped blowing bubbles.

Kenny Smith stopped blowing bubbles.

MLB players with .7% African American players, stopped blowing bubbles.

NFL players with 70% African American players stopped blowing bubbles.

The WNBA players stopped in their bubble.

Time for state politicians to pass laws, new laws, removing the police officers from their bubble protections.

Stop, stop blowing bubbles. Stop blowing away people like bubbles.