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happy birthday, 7 June …

7 Jun

Allen Iverson !!’

those who know me well, know I love Allen Iverson as a player-

whenever I travel by air, I wear this jersey. I travel hard, like Allen

Happy birthday 🥳


allen iverson, AI, my hero

10 Apr

so, I have just returned from a time in Jerusalem. (more on this in later blogs)
I always wear my Georgetown Allen Iverson jersey when I travel? Why? Black. Short sleeve and V neck. It is super comfortable with the added bonus of Allen being one of my heros. He left nothing on the floor; all in. I adored him. Yep, he blew a fortune, but his loyality to his home boys is, was, worth more than £££. At least to me. In Jerusalem I ran into some people (this is for you Midge) who could not understand why he was a/my ‘hero.’ To them, he wasted his talented and ‘could have been.’
He was. Who cares about ‘could haves?’ He was. In closing, when I walk through Airport terminals the scanning people always yell at me ‘practice?!! practice?’ They get it. All in; every moment is game. Never practice.


‘my heroes’

3 Mar

all in

my hero

Today, I am beginning a new series on, ‘my heroes.’ I have a small group of heroes I look to and each for a different reason. First, today, there is Allen Iverson, a former Georgetown and NBA Philly ’76er basketball player. Why is he my hero?

He left nothing on the floor; he gave it all. I am sure he was in all on/with/to all he did. I am also sure that was one of his problems and why he gambled away a fortune and drank to excess. By his nature, he is all in. That is who he is.

When I travel by plane in my Iverson Georgetown jersey and when I go through airport security, at least one male officer yells at me when I go thru: ‘Practice? Practice?’ This is from a famous sound bite from a news conference after his coach Larry Brown talked about Allen missing practice. Allen’s point: I am all in when it counts; the game. Larry’s point: practice.

Security officers get it; they get him. Philly went crazy on Saturday when the Sixers retired his jersey.Why? Because he was all in. A hero; my hero.

Gary Smith writes on Allen and Larry Brown here, http://si.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1022362/index.htm It is a great article.