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an idea, template to help in Bible study…

26 Apr

a template

icebreaker: ie ( if you could live in a TV show for one week, what would it be and why? ) or,…
…if not an icebreaker prayer, praise requests
the scripture: ( read it out loud, twice if possible from 2 different translations

image: ask yourself, what image, what word picture, do you want your group to leave with ? why? and what does it mean? 

verse: what key word, what key verse resonates with you from your, our reading? 

theme: what is the main, the central idea 💡 embedded in this passage?
why is this theme central? what is does it mean? to you? to others ?

prayer: pray over this scripture…pray the word … ie ‘Lord, help me, enable me, to read your word with true empathy… true emotional understand and act on it …’