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christmas 2020, 2 pictures, and one video

22 Dec

two pictures, 39 years apart, tell Priscilla&Charlie’s one life together. 2020 is a year of masks: coverings to keep the virus out, peoples, even friends and families, socially distant, our emotions within. So, this Christmas letter is written to let you all in, in two paragraphs, two pictures, two moments. para1: a snowy day in November we wed in Fordham Manor Church in the Bronx. Priscilla had light pink roses in he hair; we bought her dress together at the little shoppe. I wore a blue pin stripped suit and we served cake and tea and coffees after the ceremony. I invited a small group of friends and family; Priscilla sent out two hundred invites. She wanted a local church so a number of the elderly women who lived in the area could attend. She arranged the transport for them, to and from. Kind, gentle, thoughtful of the unseen, Priscilla. I like to think we married that day because I saw her and she sees me.

and in 1981

When I first met Charlie,I saw his soft brown eyes and heard his unmistakable laughter. Often we drank tea and shared Linzer raspberry cookies at the Tibbett Diner. We talked and dreamed there. It was our hideaway. We still sit there and do our bible study. It’s about three blocks from our house in the Bronx. How grateful I am in this season of uncertainty to know that God has kept us; that He remains the same. May God Bless and keep you all. Merry Christmas Charlie and Priscilla
Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

and a grandchild

a hero