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the idea

16 Dec

so, the idea is-why do we/I love what destroys, tears, devours me? us?

a simple answer, a simple plan:

life, our life is not and will never be enough.

I want more. We always want more.

And only He, our Jesus,  can provide this ‘more’.

Yesterday, 15 december I had a massively, massively challenging day. The new flat? No heat or hot water or current. Tranformer burnt out. I ‘lost’ my schedule in the house. An with it our UK banking devise. Walk through at the old flat at 12 was stressful. The the ‘Hobbit’ movie Priscilla wanted to see? Violence and no character devlopment. A waste of three hours after the stressfill walk through. Home to new flat. Heat on. I cooked dinne & washed dishesr. Did two hours ofmarriage counseling with a couple in crisis with Priscilla.

But- but today

Ashley called me today and said He was moved to pray for me. me.



Loved, by a saint. That is His simple plan…to be loved. the plan, His idea. 1 John 4:19 we love

we love Ashley, because, He first loved us.


what an idea.

Works for me

MNYC, priscilla & me

12 Nov
happy day

happy day