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London, my town

18 Nov

Recently Priscilla and I sent out a ‘London Update’ prayerfully sharing that we are staying in London for the near future. We have had many reaponses. I am sharing one below that especially moved us,

“Absolutely thrilled to hear the news! It’s the talk of Redeemer, you know 😉


I can’t imagine what a difficult decision this must have been. But to hear that in your prayers, counsel & Spirit’s guidance, that He is calling you to stay—I, too, feel it is the right decision and whole-heartedly support you in God’s channeling His work through you both in England. Ji Son, Joy & I were saying that you two are so unique to the city of London—you bring a refreshing approach to faith to a country whose general approach to other humans is quite private. But you have an infectious joy & truth that makes people long for what you have. Not to mention you’re from the hood of NYC, which makes you all the more somewhat of a celebrity 😉


Well, all this to say, I’ll be back to see you and the H’s soon. Please give them my love. I miss their sassy humour.”


Much much love & huzzah!!!




He hears; He listens; He loves

London update Lulu, october

30 Oct

‘So your contract with Stewardship is two years in London? Two years is a very short time for developing relationships in the UK.’

This was part of my opening conversation with my Vicar from St. Luke’s in Kentish Town, London, In March in February 2013.


It has taken Priscilla and me almost two years to fully absorb the full extent and meaning of these words. People have been very open to us here. But I come back to Jon’s words.


What is their meaning today, 30 October?

We have committed to stay in London; we need to live and love here.

A long story short.


We prayed and sought counsel. Three people who did not really know each other said this sentence exactly to Priscilla and myself:

‘Your work has just began here; we, you have just gotten started.’

To hear this exact phrase from 3 different people in one week we feel & reason it are not individuals speaking but The Lord.


So, NYC friends and family know


This was the hardest hardest decision we have ever made as a couple. Those who know us know I roll with and into big decisions; Priscilla processes everything. I processed this decision; she made a relatively quick decision

Learning point: we change; he leads; we grow




Some new news

We have to move from Hampstead for a variety of reasons; it has been a beautiful time here but we need to move


Our new flat is 49 York Street # 2 in Westminster W1H 1PU. It is as Central London in a nice area-(our Tube stop is Bakers street!) and we are ten minutes by Tube from Paddington station and right by both Hyde and Regents parks.

Our landlords are a lovely lovely Christian couple. The husband is an Elder in a PCA church in the UK (one of the few here) we hopefully will be there 10 December.


Stewardship is renewing my contract and is giving me great flexibility in timing and working from home. (In the /our States home) My latest writings you can register and see


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Priscilla spoke at St Luke’s on 20 October for the women’s meeting on vulnerability from chapters 1 & 2 of Nehemiah.


Sadly, Priscilla fell on 23 October and broke her wrist in 3 places. Hospital care here is great; lovely. She has 2 plates in her arm and is resting and recovery. Simply put: she tripped.

But as my friend Ben said: She got three broken bones in her wrist; Boy I would hate to see the other guys face


He looks bad.


We are well.