lament, 4 “This is why I weep and my eyes overflow with tears. Lamentations 1:16

15 Oct

Why is Jerusalem lamenting? Because memories are ever present, ghosts if you will, with substance. Memories that never depart. Today 14 October I begin a look into the Book Of Lamentations. Five chapters of overflowing tears, cries, emotions I will share six thoughts, and my own words on, with the prophet Jeremiah. He speaks in this first chapter as the community, the city of Jerusalem. A prophet speaks the the Lord’s heart, his mind and emotions to a loved people in a specific time, place. He speaks loving words in the right way for their heart’s moment. Here the prophet speaks as Jerusalem. And she hears, speaks. She remembers,

14 “My sins have been bound into a yoke;
by his hands they were woven together.
They have been hung on my neck,
and the Lord has sapped my strength.
He has given me into the hands
of those I cannot withstand.
15 “The Lord has rejected
all the warriors in my midst;
he has summoned an army against me‘

This army is a lament of pure emotional memories and feelings that will never leave. Jerusalem is in overflow, 

This is why I weep
and my eyes overflow with tears. 16a

Overflow is  the essential core of lamentations. For Jerusalem taken in captivity, or bathed in love and beauty, all is overflow. Memories that will never leave, but flow over in again and again. 

Her memories never leave. she has the disease of dementia, but only in reverse. They, she is in overflow. Nothing to lost, all present, remembered. Remembered.

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