28 Aug

usually, as a former NYC principal, I don’t write on education-

In fact, this is the first time. So, Why now?

Because …Chancellor Richard Carranza is destroying NYC. How?

Under Deputy Chancellor Eric Nadelstern a culture o empowered principals as problem solvers was identified, defined, developed and deployed into action.

This culture survived his leaving NYC DoE ten years ( or so ) past. Today’s Chancellor Richard Carranza is attempting to make decisions for principals, not with them; for families without listening; for a dysfunctional Mayor rather than a school community. As the Gothamist reports,

‘Chancellor Richard Carranza has promised to deploy substitutes and other certified personnel to schools, but principals said they haven’t gotten any specifics.

“It’s very deflating,” said Reginald Landeau Jr., principal of M.S. 216 in Queens. “Most principals are problem solvers. But if the variables are continually changing, including what came out yesterday, it’s very hard for me to wrap my head around what’s the best solution to this problem.”

In addition, principals said they’re frustrated that the new guidelines come after they were required to deliver plans and schedules to the education department and parents. Some said it will mean drastically rethinking plans they’d already put in place.’

Take problem solvers, disempower them; create structures which increase issues, problems, for them; take monies out of there hands and say ‘ready, set, open, start schools.’

If this is Chancellor Richard Carranza plan, using ATR s as virtual, or life classroom teachers as the promised reserve, welcome chaos.


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