questioning Jesus, Mark 11 ‘And who gave you the authority to do this?’

27 Aug

Jesus enters. He is no longer sitting and dining at tables. He is upturning, turning over tables. Tables in the temple; tables in the country by fig trees; tables of hearts and minds.

He is changing teaching tables. Expanding and deepening ideas, pre conceived concepts. Precepts upon precept are being renewed; refocused. There is rebirth.

And so, the Elders, the high priests, the religious scholars all come to Jesus with their one essential question: “Show us your credentials. Who authorized you to speak and act like this?” Message

It is not just Jesus’ words, his teachings. It is his words and actions that disturb them so,

His Credentials

27-28 “Then when they were back in Jerusalem once again, as they were walking through the Temple, the high priests, religion scholars, and leaders came up and demanded, “Show us your credentials. Who authorized you to speak and act like this?”

29-30 Jesus responded, “First let me ask you a question. Answer my question and then I’ll present my credentials. About the baptism of John—who authorized it: heaven or humans? Tell me.”

31-33 They were on the spot, and knew it. They pulled back into a huddle and whispered, “If we say ‘heaven,’ he’ll ask us why we didn’t believe John; if we say ‘humans,’ we’ll be up against it with the people because they all hold John up as a prophet.” They decided to concede that round to Jesus. “We don’t know,” they said.

Jesus replied, “Then I won’t answer your question either.”’

Jesus refuses to answer. Why?

Because he poses the questions, the question: who is Jesus?

He is Emmanuel, Son of David. He is our prophet, our priest, our king. He is our loving Saviour. A saviour whose love will bring him to a cross.

Jesus is, was, always in our temple.

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