9 Aug

‘continually,’Psalm 126

today, 9 August Sunday, we take a pause in our daily blog series, questioning Jesus, a study in Mark’s Gospel, to look a personal word of scripture, Psalm 126

Priscilla and I used this Psalm on/in both our wedding invitations and our wedding celebration. Today, we in our time together ( as we have done throughout our 40 years together ) at Psalm 126. ( YLT )

This day we composed questions of Psalm’s text and the text of our lives to deepen our life together. One question, an …

essential question: how do I/we continually water our seeds?

126 A Song of the Ascents. In Jehovah’s turning back [to] the captivity of Zion, We have been as dreamers.

2 Then filled [with] laughter is our mouth, And our tongue [with] singing, Then do they say among nations, `Jehovah did great things with these.’

3 Jehovah did great things with us, We have been joyful.

4 Turn again, O Jehovah, [to] our captivity, As streams in the south.

5 Those sowing in tears, with singing do reap,

6 Whoso goeth on and weepeth, Bearing the basket of seed, Surely cometh in with singing, bearing his sheaves!

So, we came with an essential principle: the seed sown is always sower’s tears. From our marriage, I sing, I will sing, as I sow them.

And how do I sing and sow? New KJV says, ‘continually’ ( verse 6 ) what this does ‘continually’ mean?

‘Continually’ means that we, I, will always have tears, seeds, to sow. I sow with tears, over my life and amends; my hurts and dwellings in sorrow and self-pity. These tears water my seeds; they grow me, my life and even me beyond my earthly sojourn. And as I, my, cries sow, I also sing in joy. Joy.

So sing as you sow. And as you reap, bring in sheaves. Children, moments of happiness and love, and sorrows and hurts. All are in my basket; all are my seeds.

So I sing over all as a mother over a new born child. Or in sorrow over a departed love. Lament and rejoice; plant and reap. Sing.

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