a word for shepherds, teachers, of the word – Psalm 118: 130

3 Aug

New International Version Psalm118:

‘The unfolding of your words gives light;
it gives understanding to the simple.’

Tim and Kathy Keller were, are, shepherds of His word. They are pure translators of His word. Together, they feel and taste, see and proclaim truth, unfolded truth of the scriptures.

At Redeemer Presbyterian Church NYC, that planted and seeded; sowed and watered. They skilfully made the word truth, in its essence , simple yet, at the same teaching moment, true to its complex nature. Unfolding …

Unfolding is ongoing work. Grammatically, unfolding in the translation is a present participle: it is a continuations action that breeds forth other actions; other reactions and growth. Young’s Literal Translation coins this ‘unfolding’ as breaking. Their, Tim and Kathy’s teachings, translations, break and unfold.

And this is what shepherding is: being among the sheep; tending, caring for them; preserving them as an inheritance; and doing this from one hear, with two persons skilful hands. ( Psalm 78: 70- 72 )

Tim and Kathy treated his word as a sheep; his people as lambs. They feed us light, his unfolding word that breaks into hearts.

Feed, care , love continually . Bring forth unceasing light. Unfold. unfolding….

I love ‘unfolding’ with resulting light for me’

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