NYC lulu 2 June

2 Jun

Good Day, this June 2020

Thank you all for your prayers; your cards and calls; especially thank you for love- your love have has covered me,

Some context .,,

Last June 2019 I had a partial right knee replacement surgery. The doctor had good reviews; the partial replacement was an old surgery that was becoming new again. Three months easy recovery and no more pains.

Then we were to do the left knee as it also needed surgery.


Well, twenty years ago I had a car hit me while I was crossing a street. My right leg was broken; then it healed and was forgotten.

Till August 2019. Till my my new right knee replacement and my physical therapy put so much pressure on my leg that the old brake came back again.

My doctor missed it in the X Ray and he didn’t see me in a follow up till Mid August, two months after the partial replacement.

So, after seeing me in his office he said this is not right and then he said we need a surgery right now before my leg had a total collapse.

But, shocked after working so hard in PT, I needed some time to get ready for a second surgery that was to put a plate in my leg with connecting screws.

I trusted this doctor. I wanted to trust. But even though he said he was going to treat me like his father, he was not the guy. The clues I should have faced and seen?

No follow through on seeing details, seeing the old break. No Seeing or listening to me. Unseen.

The right leg broke further after more Physical Therapy. Now six of the seven screws were broken in the leg.

You see, I should have had a total redo. Whole new total knee replacement; a fitted cast to walk with; a rod to support the leg.

But some young smart doctors don’t want to admit a mistake; they want to keep the partial because that was still ‘ok’

His first call was ‘right’ and he could prove it. The second operation would prove it.

And myself? Well, this smart guy was too trusting to ask his doctor medicine friends for help. Advice. No, I was alone and would manage alone.

So I had a second operation that failed; my spirit was empty and broken more than my leg.

My doctor said maybe I could get by for awhile on, with the one screw that was holding everything together.

I started asking, seeking other advice, consults. And I went to medical friends and found through one of their recommendations my present doctor.

He is the one who last Friday gave me a whole new reset. Knee; bone, the works.

He was very happy that he could re drill the screws out of my bone without breaking my bones further. As he told Priscilla, I had ‘a waterfall, a landscape of small fractures.’ I feel that he saw, that he sees me.

So, nine days out I have restarted PT and I am healing.

It feels different this time.

But whether it – my leg- is healing now or not, I am at peace. How?

Because of you, you who have seen, you who have love me.

Priscilla and I have, during this time of virus, been taking care of our NYC grandchildren Sam -9- and Charlotte-7- while Elisabeth was caring for patients at Sloan. I have been writing.( see for both pictures and writings)

The kiddos returned to Queens on Mother’s Day; we had the, I had the third surgery on the 22nd.

Friends took us to the hospital and back; friends bought food for us. Friends sent books to read. Practical.

And friends prayed. The spiritual.

You all are both. Practical and spiritual partners, coverers.

How can you help, give, going forward?

Pray for Priscilla and I to love each other; to love this process and to love those He brings towards, to, us.

Pray for a love supreme, a divine and defining love.

Thank you all for your patience as we communicate. I wanted to send this update out earlier, but now, this is the time.

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