listening, James listens to Peter& then speaks… (Acts 15)

16 Apr

listening … Acts 15 James speaks, after he listens actively to Peter

we are all seeds planted by our Lord .. some seeds are planted by scattering; some in deep rich soil; some spaced apart so they can spread out and grow. Each seed needs to be know and cared for differently, and by a steward, a caregiver.

Paul is a caregiver of the Lord’s seeds. The book of Acts is, in a deep sense, Luke’s journal of Paul’s caregiving. Paul is a caregiver to the seeds he has been entrusted to by Jesus.

Whether children and friends; or fellow workers and fellow church worshippers; whether a chosen husband or wife or partner or an appointed mother; or father or in-laws;

We are first care givers, present and active; then we are.. both givers and receivers of care. Never ‘caretakers’; we are in James’ and Paul’s; Barnabas and John Mark’s footsteps. We are caregivers, seed stewards.

we, as James, listen and care.

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