a word, a one word life (5 in 6) on how to read the Word)

25 Jan

this week I was unexpectedly busy and then, the news came of Journalist ( capital ‘J’ ) Jim Lehrer’s passing. His mate, Robin MacNeil, has this quote,

“I learned a lot from him, about his very direct manner of interviewing,” MacNeil added. “And not being afraid to say ‘you don’t understand’ or ‘you don’t know.’ But also his extraordinary ability to listen. You know the hardest thing to do on TV is to listen.”

so, read the Word as Mr Lehrer read his work; his interviewees; himself: listen well.

essential principle: sit with His Word; listen

If Our Word says- ‘we love, (because) He first loved us.’ 1 John 4:19

make it His And Ours:

we sing because He first sang over us ( Zephaniah 3)

we weep as He first wept over Us ( John 11: 1-44) (35)

listen to Him, as He all ways – always- listens to you; to Us

the principle: make it personal and objective; studied and emotional; Ours and His


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