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Hero, a grandchild

24 Aug

Hero is our 4th grandchild. Here, are a few pictures

Bert &HeroBert and Hero


Hero cryingHero crying

Hero sleepingHero sleeping

a talk

14 Aug

2nd August I gave a Talk at my church St Luke’s in Kentish Town on ‘I am (He)’ from John’s Gospel. Jesus uses the phrase ‘I Am’ first with the woman at the well and last in John 18 when he is arrested in the Garden at the Mount of Olives. Translators put in theĀ  ‘He’ but Jesus only says in both places, ‘I Am.’ Why? Easier to read.

Here is the link of my talk,

I have got them down to 22-23 minutes. Enjoy

a generous birthday morning surprise greeting for Barrie-portrait 8

10 Aug

a generous morning birthday greeting