Is it Him…..or is it me…..

27 Jun


……the year is 2014, to be more specific, June 2014…….

I walk into the kitchen and break the news to my wife, Tammy…..I sense I have to go back to London…..

Some emotions and quotations evolve around this, mostly finances, mostly the lack there of, why?


I attended this specific Leadership Confernece in London in 2013, hosted at the Royal Albert Hall by the people from Alpha. Friends of mine flew me over from South Africa and sponsored my trip to attend #LC13.

It was my first time in the UK, I dreamed of it for 10 years, to visit the UK on a ministry trip. (Some things to know about me and for you to understand me and the context, when I travel overseas, I don’t go for sightseeing and tourist attractions, I go for experience, experience the locals, experience every day life, real life, not the “unrealistic”…

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