leaders who don’t last 1

25 Jun

why do Christian leaders fail? fall?

Why not? Why do spouses fall? Fail ? Or children? or parents?

We have designed ourselves to fall. To fail. To sin. And evil one hates us and adds constantly to this design flaw.

And we are not designed to forgive. But to last for eternity we must.

God -Jesus on the cross models this high forgiveness. When he says ‘Father forgive them, they do not know..’ This was his last and greatest miracle: loving forgiveness from a thirsty man who could barely whisper on a cross. But he is heard; then, today and forever on.

We don’t know completely how hurt we are or how hurting we have been. Or how loved we are. 

people, leaders, who don’t last can’t or more likely will not forgive or accept forgiveness from others. Or even Him.

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