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generous portraits 5, Craig

30 Jun

generous friend Craig came to London last week on a work related trip. I love him; he made time to be with me; there is nothing better than catching up in sunny London with a dear NYC friend.

generous portraits 4 a

29 Jun

I have a twin, Donald

I love him as Rihon loves her sister, Beth, who is having twins as a single mum in a few days

fraternal, like Donald, me

abandoned at birth my mother, overwhelmed as she thought only one was coming, had to give one up, over to a loving sister Aunt Terry, 

I went for three or six months

No one remembers, not the least of all


leaders who don’t last 3

29 Jun

Leaders who encounter Jesus should be like the first person who encounters him: humble.

Who, besides Mary, was the first person to encounter the incarnate Jesus? Luke 1: 41 tells us that “When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting the baby leaped in her (Elizabeth’s) womb.” That baby was John the Baptist, one of the most humble people whoever walked the earth. John is identified as “A voice of one calling in the desert, Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him.”

John is a voice. He is identified as and with his job. He is the original: voice preparing, calling in the desert of lives. He never accepted the comparison with Elijah himself. But Jesus in Matthew 11 speaks of John as “the Elijah who was to come” the least in the Kingdom.

Leaders who don’t last are proud. They are people pleasers; adoration seekers; loves of self. Their voices will never last. John’s has.

temple thoughts

28 Jun

who was the first to encounterour Jesus?

John leaps in Elizabeth’s womb leaps

with our joy

a voice, a humble leaping


silent in words, lovely in sound

Is it Him…..or is it me…..

27 Jun


……the year is 2014, to be more specific, June 2014…….

I walk into the kitchen and break the news to my wife, Tammy…..I sense I have to go back to London…..

Some emotions and quotations evolve around this, mostly finances, mostly the lack there of, why?


I attended this specific Leadership Confernece in London in 2013, hosted at the Royal Albert Hall by the people from Alpha. Friends of mine flew me over from South Africa and sponsored my trip to attend #LC13.

It was my first time in the UK, I dreamed of it for 10 years, to visit the UK on a ministry trip. (Some things to know about me and for you to understand me and the context, when I travel overseas, I don’t go for sightseeing and tourist attractions, I go for experience, experience the locals, experience every day life, real life, not the “unrealistic”…

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leaders who don’t last 2

26 Jun

Proverbs 6: 30-33 describes a person who commits adultery ‘Men do not despise a thief if he steals to satisfy his hunger when he is starving…But a man who commits adultery lacks judgement; whoever does so destroys himself. Blows and disgrace are his lot, and his same will never be wiped away.’

Recently, a church leader in the States admitted adultery. His story is in a link below. Leaders who don’t last are starving for something: fame; power; affirmation; passion; approval… They have to feed the hunger, the desires. They feed them with lies and deception; pain for others as the only pain that matters is their own.

The Lord will forgives as they, as we turn, toward Him but there is a consequence that can never be ‘wiped away.’ Your leadership can only be in humble, quiet service. Not in the front but in the back. And that is a beautiful place.

No tweets; no explanations needed.

Only loving service. This lasts.

leaders who don’t last 1

25 Jun

why do Christian leaders fail? fall?

Why not? Why do spouses fall? Fail ? Or children? or parents?

We have designed ourselves to fall. To fail. To sin. And evil one hates us and adds constantly to this design flaw.

And we are not designed to forgive. But to last for eternity we must.

God -Jesus on the cross models this high forgiveness. When he says ‘Father forgive them, they do not know..’ This was his last and greatest miracle: loving forgiveness from a thirsty man who could barely whisper on a cross. But he is heard; then, today and forever on.

We don’t know completely how hurt we are or how hurting we have been. Or how loved we are. 

people, leaders, who don’t last can’t or more likely will not forgive or accept forgiveness from others. Or even Him.

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generous portrait 5, love

10 Jun

Generous love Bert loves. Dear loves. Expecting their second child their love is a healing miracle that my words cannot describe. thank you dears for loving.

generous portraits 4

2 Jun

monks flying monks flying kites, generous in spirit Regents Park