generous portrait 3

28 May

Joe (2)Joe wears yellow socks; he wears blue socks; he is a smile of generous love and (my NYC friends this is very important) coffee every other morning for me. He treats; he loves. He is generous with prayers, worship and himself. He adds colours to life. To my life-colour

3 Responses to “generous portrait 3”

  1. My friend died a few months ago, just went to the store and had a art attack. No more coffee in the am or can I get you something from the store.Now I have to go to chemo or not. A lady put my dog down during 2nd lung ca surgery.
    Joe do you ever get time off?
    Well anyways you made my heart happy. barb

    • charlesosewalt May 28, 2015 at 2:04 pm #

      I deeply love your intimate sharing comment Thank you

      • it’s true you don’t really appreciate something till it’s gone. So remember if you change phone numbers and don’t notify wordpress, you can’t verify your blogs . and there goes a big support system. thanks for your reply. barb

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