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generous portrait 3

28 May

Joe (2)Joe wears yellow socks; he wears blue socks; he is a smile of generous love and (my NYC friends this is very important) coffee every other morning for me. He treats; he loves. He is generous with prayers, worship and himself. He adds colours to life. To my life-colour

April Lulu (in May-Priscilla’s)

20 May

“There is nothing lost that cannot be found, if sought. “

Quote by Edmund Spenser.

Dear Family, and Friends,

After over 60 years, my sister Dorothy and I travelled back to Galway, Ireland together at the end of this April.

We left Ireland for America in 1952 with my Mother and baby brother, Adrian. We travelled on the boat, where my Mother told us we ran and played under brilliant sun and the big water. I do remember our parting, Nanny crying and waving and Daddy Daly (our granddad-a Titanic survivor), silently standing holding Nanny by his side.

Big thoughts for two little girls.

And now, we had time to share these thoughts, our experiences of our life of long ago.

We renewed our acquaintance with one neighbour, Sally and than to our great joy had a morning with Mr. Harlow. He was next door neighbour to my grandparents. He encouraged me to love my history.

“You must find your family. Your Granddads brother was a musician friend of mine. I am sure you have more family.” So Mr. Harlow gave me a few links to look up and late that night I found my Granddads great nephew, David Daly. He is principal double bass player for the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. I emailed him and he responded also immediately. (See video below)

He was very happy to hear from us, sending us photos of his Dad, our Great uncle. Happily, we will be meeting him and his father and Mum this 10 August as he plays at the Proms in the Royal Albert Hall. Can you hear my heart beating? What thrill.

I am grateful that God has not lost these precious people, my family, and that He is a God who delights in restoring us the lost to Himself.

Love you all. PriscillaGalway 3Galway 2Galway 4Galway 1

generous portrait 2

19 May


David sorted me out when I came to the UK two years ago. Part of the Hospitality team at St Luke’s, he is always smiling (note picture) and most importantly told me after a few meetings that I was dressing like an ‘American.’ David then proceeded to tell and show me very generously how to dress like a Brit. Relaxed, hipster causal with shorts and a light check open neck shirt at church on Sundays; and dressy as above for weddings. (see David) I am not wearing my suit jacket in this picture as Saturday was very warm (Priscilla was holding it) -but David approved of my Brit wedding attire the day of the event. I couldn’t be here without generous people like him.

sarah and michael, portraits in generosity

12 May

s and m  today I will begin to share portraits in generosity. these portraits are, may be, in words or images or videos or both. Michael and Sarah begin this series. how are they generous? with their monies, their homes, their lives and their hearts. when Priscilla broke her wrist in february 2015 and I had to have our flat painted due to a leak, they let us stay with them. we could have stayed forever (well at least weeks) they have open their home to dozens of people this last five months. they care. my NYC friends, my London friends, they are like you, family. they are gospel generosity.