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Lionel flax 

18 Apr

Lionel Flax in 2003 was a a co founder of MACS, a New Visions, Gates -bill & melinda- founder school

He is a lover if people; students Bilal; Ester; me And Jared 


No one is a better bor

no one 

march lulu (in April!)

13 Apr

March & April lulu

Please accept our apologises for no March lulu until this mid April. We will make up for it

TS Eliot wrote (he lived in the area of our new home)

“April is the cruellest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land, mixing memory and desire, stirring dull roots with spring rain.”

Living in London, walking in his (TS Eliot’s) hood, I can see why he wrote these words. Here you can have a beautiful day and then spring is over after that one day. Weather here is changeable promising hope and beauty but changing its mind almost before you can get in the sun.

But that has not been so this April. We have had a week of sunny 21 degree weather. Flowers are blooming everywhere It is simply beautiful.

I have been doing a number of teachings-talks-across London and the UK these past 4 weeks (this is Charlie) I am attaching one of the talks and its link below.

I was speaking at C3 church in Cambridge. They are planning to open a £7 million pound building in October. I spoke about Jesus mission-by His own words-that He came “to seek and to save what was lost.” My title, ‘Generous Action.’

I am His, what He was, is seeking.

We hope you are all well. A later this April Lulu will come after Priscilla returns from Ireland with her sister (she is going home April 18-12) and her voice will speak then.

Much love.


my new twin

10 Apr

my new twin

‘Sour wine’

3 Apr

my Good Friday blog here

a sour jar

It goes with this video below

for Good Friday

3 Apr

an original sings an original

40acts 2015

1 Apr

40acts imagegenerous lives