Mu’ath al-Kaseasbeh; drones and barbarians

4 Feb

IS burned a man, a human, alive to death yesterday. Mu’ath al-Kaseasbeh was a human being with a family; a mother; a wife, children who will never touch him again. They cannot bear to imagine to. His flesh is gone; a burnt, melted caged object to be used for images and videos.

Simone Weil in her essay written during WWII on the Iliad being a poem of force makes the point that force and its use turns us and others into things. William Carlos Williams short story ‘The Use of Force’ has a doctor forcing a child’s mouth open for her to have a life saving diagnosis. It is described as a type of rape.

Drones as the play ‘Grounded’ illustrates is an ultimate dehumanizing act of war. People are killed by machines out of the sky. Terminated.

Force begets force. Begets more force. and more. And more.

Mr Obama we are beyond being barbarians.

We are well on the way to becoming things.

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