faithless or unfaithful?

1 Dec

from Hosea 2:20

‘and I will betroth you to Me in faithfulness. Then you will know the Lord.’


We all marry someone or something. We all worship, adore, connect to another. God, the Father of Jesus, the partner with the Spirit weds us as we see in Hosea. This is His desire: to be our beloved.

He is faithful. All others have to be unfaithful. It is their nature to seek to worship another. A fear. A love. A desire. An object.

Some believe that the Hebrew root of the, for the word ‘idol’-or what we seek to love and worship-is ‘dung’. In other words-we worship our own excrement.  We worship the worst of ourselves, our waste.

Even the faint desire to be loved, faint, without him is excrement, feces, our own dung.

Such worship is faithless. When I worship like this, I am loving, adoring my own desires.

Expecting human love, I myself am faithless.


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