London, my town

18 Nov

Recently Priscilla and I sent out a ‘London Update’ prayerfully sharing that we are staying in London for the near future. We have had many reaponses. I am sharing one below that especially moved us,

“Absolutely thrilled to hear the news! It’s the talk of Redeemer, you know 😉


I can’t imagine what a difficult decision this must have been. But to hear that in your prayers, counsel & Spirit’s guidance, that He is calling you to stay—I, too, feel it is the right decision and whole-heartedly support you in God’s channeling His work through you both in England. Ji Son, Joy & I were saying that you two are so unique to the city of London—you bring a refreshing approach to faith to a country whose general approach to other humans is quite private. But you have an infectious joy & truth that makes people long for what you have. Not to mention you’re from the hood of NYC, which makes you all the more somewhat of a celebrity 😉


Well, all this to say, I’ll be back to see you and the H’s soon. Please give them my love. I miss their sassy humour.”


Much much love & huzzah!!!




He hears; He listens; He loves

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