orphan 3

23 Jul

Orphan: a moment with Samuel Allen’s ‘A Moment, Please’

still, it takes a moment
worlds created and destroyed in a

twin lost; mother and father haters
babies created

a Palestine woman cooking breakfast for Ramadan sees ten family members killed, destroyed and dies her self of kidney failure
the next day

a moment please
orphans in the storm
orphaned from love
from words
and touch
by S type missiles, operated as

a story was told of babies, orphans in a hospital after a war who were too numerous to be held by nurses then and they died in a few months for lack of touch

orphans from emotion and
hands, eyes, ears
orphaned by

orphan, I choose always those who can not, will not, are not able to love. They are my love choices, my cares,

to hold me

as a flower in a well, a woman combing, fixing her hair on the tube
all matching
black in July, desiring eyes to
move her hairs as a comb’s teeth

I seek another type of touch,
not quite sure of what it us; but I know what it isn’t

Perhaps it is from myself, a touch of my right hand over a broken joint

those who are dying need to be held

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