a dark place, a painful place, holiness

30 Jun

Ms. Fraenkel had her son Ayala taken from the West Bank a little over a week ago. He is a teen ager. She lives in Nof Ayalon. No ones knows who has taken him and two others. No one knows if they are hurt; dead or alive. Ms. Fraenkel’s response in the NY Times today is telling, spiritual, and full of wonder,

‘I have a spiritual world, but it doesn’t lessen any pain and it doesn’t promise me anything because God doesn’t work for me,” she said. “It’s not some kind of trick that if I pray hard enough, he’ll just show up.’

Dark places is where holiness is birthed, formed. We become part of His holiness there. His blood. What are we to do then?

We have nothing to do. He is already there. That is the tell; here, now.

Here is where He is.



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