Gorky’s ‘Waterfall’ from the Tate Modern

12 Jun

I love abstract art. When Priscilla and I had our 25th wedding anniversary, we commissioned a friend, Ellice, to make a portrait of us, not realistic, but abstract. Ellice did the portrait in threads, white and red, red and black. On a white background neddles hung from the art. Why? Our lives were, are, not finished.  Ellice’s portrait captured us in our flow, our waters, our colours. Neither are these waters, Gorky’s, his colours, complete. It overflows; they fall. Fall into me.

One Response to “Gorky’s ‘Waterfall’ from the Tate Modern”

  1. P Osewalt June 12, 2014 at 10:52 am #

    Beautiful:). Maybe Sam can come.Can u ask her for me.

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