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Charlotte and Sarah in Florida

15 May



Israel photo/image 6, the model of Jerusalem

14 May

Israel photo/image 6, the model of Jerusalem

This is a photo of a model of Jerusalem city, the Second Temple period from the Israel Museum. It is to 1:50 scale and is outside the Museum. This video gives some more pictures.


Israel image/photo 5 -This is the 27 Camel

13 May

Israel image/photo 5 -This is the 27 Camel

On our trip to Israel, Priscilla and I walked the streets of Bethlehem. An older Arab man stopped us on our walk and said to me, ‘Your daughter is very beautiful. Can I buy her? I offer 26 Camels.’

At that moment, sadly, the old New Yorker kicked in and I almost immediately said, ‘How about 27 Camels?’

This is a photo of the 27th Camel I was offered.


the dead sea, dying Israel image, photo 4

12 May

the dead sea, dying Israel image, photo 4

Here is a photo, an image, of the dead sea. It is dying. Why? Losing 5 meters a years of water, dams have been built around it by three inetrnational groups that won’t talk to one another. Sink holes in the surrounding land is also an indirect result of this daming. Each group wants the water that keeps the dead sea alive for itself. The flow in is stopping. Each international group is solely focused on themselves. A focus only on self that can only lead to one outcome, a dead sea dying.


eric nadelstern, a hero, my hero -the third in a series

12 May

eric nadelstern, a hero, my hero -the third in a series

Watch collector, husband of a quilter, Eric is a designer as a Steven Jobs designed. He redesigned NYC schools. In 2003 Eric asked me to lead a high school in NYC. Before that I didn’t liked him. He seemed to think that he was the smartest guy in the room; then, after working with him, alongside him, I realized he may not have been the smartest, but he was pretty damn close. But more importantly for me, he loved people. The last week he was on the job he came by to speak to me, along, no entourage. Just him. At scanning the security asked him who he was?
He was, is, a passionate creator who cared more about children, people than I could imagine.
Passion trumps intelligence; it is character. A, my hero-flawed-heroically for people.

Mount of Olives, Israel photos 3

8 May


Jesus stood here on the Mount of Olives; Here He walked, the Mount is steep; rested; prayed; sung Psalms; laughed; recited scripture. Cried.

Here Jesus was human. He walked.
Here, He loved.


early morning twilight, the dead sea

7 May

early morning twilight, the dead sea

the dead sea is dying. Why? At a lost of 5 meters a year, its water source is being damed up; water flows, yields and is flexible. If not, it dies, as a person.


6 May


This is the Sea of Galilee with the sun touching it. Today I begin a ten day series on Israel and our walking Palestine in early April. I start with the Sea because Jesus walked here; lived and worked here. Galilee was where the disciples fled to after His death. It is where Jesus appeared to them and taught His final teachings after the Resurrection. It was their home. He rose here as this Sun. Rise.
See. Be clothed.

the art of giving, generously

1 May has designed a free 10 part series on generousity called, ‘The Art of Giving.’ Ten different writers; ten unique blogs; ten approaches to giving and giving generously. From mothers to bankers; from Vicars to Digital Marketers; from Mission workers to authors-all good; all challenging in different ways. It is a free sign up and here is the site to sign up at:

Read; reflect; re-focus on living freely and generously.