eric nadelstern, a hero, my hero -the third in a series

12 May

eric nadelstern, a hero, my hero -the third in a series

Watch collector, husband of a quilter, Eric is a designer as a Steven Jobs designed. He redesigned NYC schools. In 2003 Eric asked me to lead a high school in NYC. Before that I didn’t liked him. He seemed to think that he was the smartest guy in the room; then, after working with him, alongside him, I realized he may not have been the smartest, but he was pretty damn close. But more importantly for me, he loved people. The last week he was on the job he came by to speak to me, along, no entourage. Just him. At scanning the security asked him who he was?
He was, is, a passionate creator who cared more about children, people than I could imagine.
Passion trumps intelligence; it is character. A, my hero-flawed-heroically for people.

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