easter 2014 lulu

17 Apr

easter 2014 lulu


Charlie and I just returned from Israel. We spent 10 days in the Holy Land from the West Bank to East and West Jerusalem; from the Dead Sea to the Sea of Galilee; from the Jordan River to Ramallah. For me, the number one highlight for me was sailing on the Sea of Galilee.

From a sunrise to the sunset, I was vulnerable to the excitement of seeing, touching, and being present with Charlie in a place that felt like home. Jesus saw what I was seeing, with me: snapshots of a life, his life with his disciples. We traced this path, from the water to his land with our guides. As we shared with them our scriptures all along these paths, they asked us for more: more sharing on what the scriptures meant; how they spoke; were speaking to us. The water and the land speak. They whisper ‘Jesus.’

During this Easter season, I am grateful that there is a path for us to follow and it leads to home that we will return to. Beautiful, undisturbed by man, our eternal home.  And He will be there when we arrive; He is present.


Have a blessed Easter.

Priscilla and Charlie



Charlie’s Easter blogs for Stewardship are here




This is the first of four; Maundy Thursday

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