talks, worship with, in time; worship in, with monies

17 Mar

Below are links to two talks I gave this month of March. One in Cambridge on 9 March and the other at St. Luke’s in Kentish Town  yesterday, 16 March. Themes?

the first at C3 church is about how one moment, one quick moment, encompasses

many, many moments. It is here:

the second was at my home church, St. Luke’s. It may be posted later this week; then you can find it  here:

Yesterday, I spoke about stewardship of monies; the tithe as worship. One principle, one theme, and it can be seen in one word, ‘All.’

Worship all ways points us to Him; worship always moves us ‘to do;’ to respond to Him.

For me, worship comes through experiencing the word, in, with Him.


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