the Unforgiven, proverbs 28:9

26 Feb


closing : pain never truly closes, never really ends. When Barbara left me and I became a Christian, became focused at first on one thing: her getting saved and coming back to us, to me .

As time moved forward, my focus changed: she wasn’t coming back, so her damnation was now my focus, my prayer.

I searched the scriptures for verses that could prayerfully assist my focus. I found a key verse , the first one I memorised, Proverbs 28:9
‘ If anyone turns a def ear to the law, even their prayers are detestable.’
I prayed this verse.
It felt wrong.
I went to Keith , our marriage counsellor, and asked, shouldn’t she come back to me if she comes to God and ask my forgiveness?

Keith’s response: she lied to you and to me during our counselling. She should come back to us both and ask for…

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