the worst, wrst, cursed 4 pathways to move ‘her’ to ‘no’

19 Feb

So, let’s reverse the journey to ‘yes.’ If you have been together with a partner or married for any length of time, you will understand: you and your partner are either saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ everyday and sometimes saying an internal ‘yes’ and/or an external ‘no’ more than once a day. So, listening to yourself: then, consider,  how do I reverse all ‘her’ yeses’ into one big ‘no?’ (If  you know this reverse perhaps, just perhaps, I can stay in a ‘yes’ state; but some of these four steps you won’t be able to sidestep all the time.  ‘No’ is part of life. Just try not to make it external all the time.) So, what are the

four pathways to ‘no’???

First, tease Priscilla. She hates being teased and boys (even at 60 years of age) like to tease. Example, when people ask ‘How long have you been married?’ I say 34 years before Priscilla can say 33. She then says, ’33.’ People look strangely at us. But then I explain: I count the Asian way. I start at ‘one.’ She hates this as it calls attention to a number of things: our differences in outlook; our fighting in front of people; and our age. Tease her; lose her.

Second, don’t include her in your thoughts, plans or events-especially in discussions. Recently, I had a co-worker invited by a possible friend/partner to a Pub quiz night. Then ‘He’ withdrew the invite as he had to ‘check’ with the team. Co-worker felt: ignored; non-valued; excluded and confused: where is this relationship going to? Truth-he valued the people and the event over the co-worker. This is what long term partners due all the time: work; church; community; friends; sports; theatre-all are more important in my diary than ‘her.’ My ‘no’ message: others are of more value. You are losing her to a big ‘No…but two more steps to final termination. (By the way: co-worker went; team won; co-worker was the hero and ‘needs to come back.’ Yeah, right. Love me for my brain.)

Next, comment when asked about ‘the black dress.’ Never ever tell ‘her’ the little black dress makes her butt look fat. Never. You will die. And before termination. You are now at ‘no.’

Last, fourth path: don’t tell her you love ‘her.’ Don’t kiss ‘Her’ goodbye. Don’t hold her when she cries; or at night before sleep. Don’t look her in the eye. Close off. Final termination. ‘NO’

Eat all the chocolate by yourself. Drink the Fizz alone. Get fat. Say ‘yes’ to self.

You’re terminated. By your own actions; you are

by yourself.



One Response to “the worst, wrst, cursed 4 pathways to move ‘her’ to ‘no’”

  1. Alex February 19, 2014 at 7:17 pm #

    Love this, Charlie 😀

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