everyday, everyday… ‘Avellino’

4 Feb

everyday, everyday,  I ask Priscilla to marry me. She has said ‘yes’ 4 (four) times in 33 (thirty-three) years. I think she gets distracted when I ask her; she laughs; smiles and then asks me some question which is right off the topic. I sometimes think that she still has a hard time saying ‘yes’ (or  ‘no’) for a variety of reasons. Honestly, I am not quite sure why there is not an immediate answer. But, why ask, every, everyday? My response to myself: to try to keep my love for her in desire, fresh, fresh love. New.

Recently, in London, I have been kept waiting for her at a number of restaurtants. Priscilla has, I think, a poor sense of time. (But then, again, maybe it is me.) The waitress or waiters ask, ‘Are they coming? Would you like to order now?’ I wait.

I sometimes have to explain that I am waiting for my fiancee and that ,hopefully, tonite I am going to ask her to marry me. Perhaps, she will say ‘yes’? They smile. Then, when Priscilla arrives, they are very nice to her (and me). This past week I was at the ‘Greek Way’ restaurtant in Convent Garden area. Priscilla was late. I was asked, ‘Are they coming? Would you like to order?  I shared this narrative of my coming proposal (without mentioning that we have been together for a number of years) with a youngwaitress. Maria was from Italy. She said, ~’Where are you going to marry…Paris?’

I said yes-I would love to marry at Notre Dame. Then, at that moment,  Priscilla arrived. We ordered our food; when our waitress, Maria, returned with our food, she asked Priscilla where she would like to marry, ‘Paris?’

Priscilla laughed. She asked Maria if she was married and when the answer ‘no’ returned, Priscilla asked Maria where she would like to marry when her moment came. Maria said, ‘No, not Paris. A small town in Italy-Avellino-with my family. A small place.’

That is what I want; when my yes, my moment comes, an ‘Avellino.’ A small and quiet place with my love.


2 Responses to “everyday, everyday… ‘Avellino’”

  1. Brendan February 4, 2014 at 6:06 pm #

    Thanks for the smile this morning Charlie. Love to you and your bride!

  2. charlesosewalt February 5, 2014 at 3:17 am #

    Love u guys
    Say ‘yes’

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