Priscilla speaks on Lupus

28 Jan

photo (8).JPG sam in glasses

Rev. 12:11

> ‘They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony;they did not live their lives so much as to shrink from death.’

> Dear family, friends & readers,

As we come through January, we take a look back over the years with wonder and thank God for what He has done in spite of our enemies.

> In 1974, when I was diagnosed with Lupus, I felt my life was over. The hopes and dreams I had seemed to be lost and shattered. I had a disease, I was just 25 and the future losses seemed overwhelming, like the drizzly London weather splashing away my dreams,worn away more and more with each passing day, relentless losses and the pain of trying to recover, knowing full well the Lupus or Wolf was waiting around the next corner to devour, marriage, children and career. Gone.

> My Mom came faithfully to my bedside. We read a psalm a day and because of the overload of steroids and episodes of memory loss, all I could recall each day was the word of God written to me and read by my mother. How could I get out of this pit.

> Sounds so simple, just Gods word read and live out, loved and treasured by my Mom , family and friends. She left this world to be with Jesus about 10 or more years ago. She left me her Bible. He answered, first through His word; then through Charles; then through my children, Elizabeth, Sarah, Deardra and Joey. Now through my ‘grand’ children. And all ways through all of you who know me and read me and pray with me.

> I look now see  my Grandson Sam, his third birthday and a joy to us all. I thank God for his mighty power working in all of us who love him.

> Charlie while working for Stewardship U K worked on a book that I am reading now called “It’s a God thing ,when miracles happen to everyday people’ It is created by Don Jacobson and you can get it at Amazon. I am reading one story a night as I end my day,along with my bible. Stories, writing yourself into your story is what I am doing here.

> There is great peace in hearing the great cloud of witnesses sharing their stories here.

> All stories are about how God and his wonderful word is being worked in and lived in their lives. So my dear family and friends and readers when we look back together this January, may we find the blessed peace that God gives through our lives lived out in him. Remembering is good as God himself is. we are his story, his message, a letter, 2 Corinthinans 3: 3 ‘You yourselves are our letter…you are a letter from Christ.’

God bless you all. Priscilla

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