Him, or me

4 Jan

It is ‘really simple’ either/or: Him, my Jesus, or me. Or Me. Or ME. Or, just

I am no longer praying for things, people, events. It is him, small ‘h’-his will be done. Done. Or as my grandson Albert said at two years of age ‘done done.’ One day I pray for I am all les, small ‘me.’ and him? All caps, HIM.
But today, I am just sitting with him, as I pray and run and walk and laugh in Tampa, Florida. I am with my family, enjoying him. His will: done in My life.
Not asking; not expecting; not ‘over thinking,’ over feeling. I am en-joying, walking, and, at times, running with Him.
Less is more; more? Is all ways less of him. Him
More of him, more of Him. I rest. him.


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