‘Jesus’ drafts @drafts2

19 Dec

As I finished working with the team at Stewardship on Advent wonder I struggled mightily with one piece: Jesus. So not two, but four drafts are linked here as https://charlesosewalt.com/2013/11/27/from-drafts2/   we publish the’ Jesus’ Advent piece this Friday. (Sign up and find that piece here http://www.stewardship.org.uk/special-articles/advent-wonder   )

But why did I struggle?

Simply, there is so much to say; and so little. Ultimately, the tears of one of my dear, dear colleagues moved me to start over, to refeel and think.  As she spoke of Jesus said shared that, for her,  Advent is about the joy of a baby. Tears formed as described holding her first daughter Rosie.

She is truly on spot: Advent is about a baby. If you are interested in writing and the process of truly listening to another and how God speaks to another, and, at times through a mother’s tears,  go to drafts2 and see all four bits I put away. Here is the first, my notes:


a new son

a new song

an unexpected king


Forgetfulness of soul and heart

Self forgetfulness  draws u in

Sucks u in

Their song dives into your song



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