Ron’s answer to my question

5 Dec

my question: ‘what do you do internally,- spiritually- when people you have loved and trusted no longer love you?’

Ron: When ‘things started going downhill…How did I cope? I had to rethink…I realized that it is about a deep belief in a good God. My friendships and recognition by institutions should play a secondary role. I needed to pick myself up…I needed to recalibrate my happiness index once in a while.

I also began to mediate a lot instead of traditional prayers. I don’t want someone else to be the cause of either my deep happiness or disappointment.

As you know by now, life is full of fake stuff, from friendships to other kinds of relationships to institutions of faith to corporations. But you need only be true to yourself before God. That is all God can ask of you. That alone gives you peace of mind. Lower your expectations and increase your patience, dear brother.’



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