A clean heart, David’s Psalms of remembrances

18 Nov

A clean heart, David’s Psalms of remembrances

Hi–This is the link to St. Luke’s @ Oseney Crescent talk I gave on 27 October.  Below is a written opening text of the planned talk. Read, then if you have 34 minutes, listen. Cheers

This week I will be speaking primarily from the Message version about the person of David. How did he learn to live in his own story? He composed and sung his story in the Psalms. Our theme: ‘a clean heart: David’s Psalms of remembrances.’ This is how David remembered who he was, where he came from, what was his root: God was his story and David sung of Him. Yet, he also sang of himself and ourselves-certainly he sings parts of my life. These are David’s Psalms of remembrances. We will be looking at four aspects of remembrances:

  • What is remembrances
  • What is the power of remembrances
  • Why  remembrances can be a problem
  • How does God see us? How and Why does he remember us?

David learns to live on his own story by worship; he worships by composing singing, sharing and praying his story in Psalms. The Psalms are his remembrances; his story with Him. And these stories, these Psalms? They have become others’ stories, others’ remembrances.

 What remembrances do we have? From God? To God?  Remembrances differ from memories: memories can float, pop, journey into our hearts and minds at any time. We can’t really control them; we manage them. They are from a deep part of us, some would say they spring from our unconscious. Remembrances we create; we consciously control. God’s remembrance  for us? His Word -That is how he connects with and gifts, treasures us

And how can we see the Word? Thru His story with us: Jesus’ story. Jesus, the Word made flesh.

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