the wrong trousers

1 Oct

Hi all-this is Charlie-a Bronx lad in King Arthur’s Court

 Attached is a travel piece on the ‘village’ (it is London!!) that we are living in.

In my view London is really a series of villages basically in circles (somewhat like the Washington beltway but without the belt) while NYC is an East to West grid. Hampstead is a ‘village’ in the circles of London. I share this link as I have a story to share about my life in London-read the travel link first so you get an idea of ‘posh’ Hampstead. Now on the travel’ article’s point #7…

 Nicole Farhi’s high end clothing store was having a massive sale towards the end of July. (Basically the two sale periods here are July and December.) Priscilla convinced me to go in and try on a pair of ‘trousers.’ At 80% off they were more expensive than any other ‘trousers’ I have every bought-almost $100.00 America. But I have lost sooo much weight…I had to buy something (Clothes sent over here you have to pay custom tax on-even presents! don’t ask) so I brought them. And I got free alterations (high end store benefit!-cuffs had to come up an inch) I was to get a call to get the ‘trousers’ in three days. After a week and Priscilla’s call, I called. We were first told that their driver of the tailor’s delivery vehicle got lost (for two weeks!!) But after I called I was told the truth:

Nicole Farhi’s high end clothing store was in ‘administration.’ (Bankrupt) The tailor who was to do the alteration was holding my trousers that I already paid for till He got paid. I was ‘out of luck.’ There was nothing to be done. Well I told the manager-as this was the last straw for service over here for me-that I was from NYC and I wanted my trousers in 24 hours. Or else.

Priscilla picked them up the next day. What did I tell him? I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. What was my ‘special offer?’

 I told the gentlemen on the phone that:

1.      They choose the tailor

2.     I paid for the ‘trousers’ and needed them as NONE of my pants fit me as I lost so much weight

3.     That they had other stores around London and what he needed to do-as this was a problem WE shared-was to call the other stores and find the exact pair of ‘trousers’ that I had brought in Hampstead and

4.     …have them deliver to the Hampstead store early the next day or…

5.     I was going to the store and speak in a loud voice about how my ‘pants’ were being held for ransom by a tailor and that Nicole Farhi was in ‘Administration.’

 James, the manager, got me the trousers. (Navy blue)  They fit like a glove. I got a friend from church to do the alteration.


2 Responses to “the wrong trousers”

  1. POsewalt October 24, 2013 at 9:59 pm #

    What a story!! Can I help you? Can I get into your trousers?

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