meditations: first things first

27 Aug

These meditations are questions I am searching with. What am I searching?
My life; my heart; other hearts; others
am I a man searching his entire life for a monastery?
can another be my monastery?
Can Jesus? Spirit? God the Father?
Community is generosity; overflow; life.
Emptiness creates overflow
Where is the 63 bus in Roma?
Waiting patiently is my struggle. I can wait, but not patiently. Fruit is patience.
How can a first love be returned? How can it be returned to? Clarity and focus Clarice: how do we covet? By the first things our hearts see.
Our first things; a mother; a love; a fruit. A Saviour.

One Response to “meditations: first things first”

  1. Jack Flacco August 28, 2013 at 5:39 pm #

    “How do we covet? By the first things our hearts see.” This is so true. I can’t say how true this is. If only we can curtail the heart’s desires, we’d be in better control of our lives!

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