Meditation 1

21 May

prayers in thoughts and scriptures on biblical characters; images; principles; people; Word and feelings. For May 2013, I will be sharing meditations

 1st meditation:

 I am writing a series of blogs on good, bad and ugly stewards in the Bible. This week I have been focusing in on the 9 bad lepers of Luke 17.

 Why are they bad stewards? Because, even after they are healed, their disease controls them. They never stop to return and  praise God; they have to get back to community, family, homes, people. I get it: people need people.  Got it.

But…my wife Priscilla has Lupus, an auto immune disease. I asked her this week: do you control your disease, or does it control you? Her response:

“it’s complicated. Sometimes I am in charge, sometimes all I want is healing from the aches, the tiredness. I just have to be sensitive to my body; listen to it.”

My prayer: Lord, yet me hear your gentle touch. Let my senses be yours: sensitive to your body, the people and world you have put me into. I want to be still. Help me to listen


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  1. charlesosewalt September 4, 2013 at 7:14 pm #

    bye bye

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